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Today, Siji Tianfang has sorted out the successful experience of the past three years, and put forward five "careful opportunities" for the owners of baozi to win customers and market, hoping to help you.
1. The TV in the store faces out and the transparent window adds points
Many restaurants will install TV sets in their stores to promote their brands and products. Almost every franchise store of Tianfang steamed stuffed bun has a TV set, which plays brand promotion videos continuously during breakfast business hours
Customers who have already entered the store can learn more about the brand through the slogan on the wall and glass. The reason why we let this TV set go outside is because of the consideration of publicizing passers-by outside the store.
Siji Tianfang baozi headquarters provides franchisees with professional store publicity videos, which greatly improves the brand's exposure and image, and reduces the cost of publicity to customers. In addition, the detailed picture of steamed stuffed buns on the signboard is very appetizing, so it's easy for diners to be attracted.
2. The quality of products is more important than quantity
Many inexperienced caterers always run behind their customers. Customers say they want to buy a certain product and add it immediately, no matter whether it is delicious or not.
其实细想下来,现在真 正赚钱的店,没有一个是靠品种齐全来赢得市场的。相反,那些做大做强的餐饮店,很多都是靠单品打天下。
In fact, if you think about it carefully, none of the shops that really make money now win the market by having a complete range of products. On the contrary, many of the bigger and stronger restaurants rely on single products.
做包子也是一样,选几款做精品即可。天方包子的所有店铺主打五种包子馅料,再搭配其他的产品,这样既可以节约顾客的选择时间,增加售卖效率,又能保证口味,把每一款包子都做成极 致。
It's the same with making steamed stuffed buns. You can choose a few of them to make high-quality products. All the shops of Tianfang steamed stuffed bun mainly use five kinds of stuffing, and then match with other products, which can not only save customers' choice time, increase sales efficiency, but also ensure the taste, and make every type of steamed bun into the ultimate.
3. Form the habit of customers queuing up
Good taste will certainly attract a large number of customers, and as long as we adhere to the quality, it must be a business to do better and better project. Dear baozi franchise stores, at the beginning of opening, we should let customers form the habit of queuing, reduce the trouble of customers' time, and attract passers-by to the store for consumption.
Customers are more convenient, and their praise has also increased. But it can do so is based on the concept of "less and better" variety of steamed stuffed buns. It does not need too much association from customers, so it can quickly make a choice.
4. Strict control of food materials, so that diners can eat at ease
In China, food safety is always the one that can stir people's nerves. A restaurant, no matter how strong its background is and how strong its brand is, will abandon you as soon as there is anything unsatisfying about its ingredients.
And "rotten meat bun" is the national pain point, many people do not love to eat steamed buns, but dare not eat. Therefore, Tianfang steamed stuffed bun adopts granular stuffing, which makes diners feel at ease.
5. Open kitchen, make a different bun shop
As a traditional Chinese food, steamed stuffed bun can not only satisfy the appetite, but also represent the wisdom of our ancestors. Do open kitchen, this is our innovation and upgrade of traditional steamed bun shop.
Inside the shop is a clean operating platform and steamed buns on the steamer. Outside the shop are diners who have a panoramic view of all this. Every day when they come to breakfast, they will see the steamed buns, the soya bean milk and the well-dressed shop assistants, so the sense of trust comes from them.
Small stores give customers "experience of big stores". With solid products and the above five careful tips on customer experience, Tianfang steamed stuffed bun has become a popular steamed bun store. In fact, it doesn't take much logic to do catering. Many customers are attracted by restaurants because of small details, especially for start-ups.