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How to break through the competition in catering industry? How to fight back from the competition? A friend opened a hot pot shop, the price of four or five people is less than 200 yuan. Business has been good for the past two years. Until this year, the fish hot pot shop has been doing hot pot business. But my friend's business suddenly went bad. How to manage the diet is a small problem for my friend. How to fight back the competition? This question searches some information on the Internet, hoping to be helpful to you.
How to counter the competition of catering enterprises?
Although the current catering industry has a large market space, there are many restaurants and stores of the same type, and the competition among the peers is fierce. Faced with such a severe market situation, how can entrepreneurs make use of the concept of catering investment to highlight the advantages of stores and let consumers choose to shop?
1、 In order to avoid the "severe disaster area" of similar competition, the site selection should be carried out first. Many people think that the business district is a good place for restaurants because of the concentration of people, the food street and other places. In fact, because these places are relatively large and the catering is also very concentrated, that is to say, the competition is more fierce, so you don't need to choose the place to live here to open the restaurant.
2、 In addition to considering the flow of people, we also need to consider the flow of people, that is, the people consumed by catering and the target passenger group. Because of the time, you can see the flow of people in some places to compare them, but not many people think about food and drink.
The decoration must be different from the restaurants around. Highlight the theme of the restaurant, especially the signboard. In many places, except for the name, the signs are the same. It feels like wholesale. They don't have any characteristics, let alone any degree of identity. Therefore, in terms of decoration, it must be different from the surrounding restaurants, because people will first pay attention to this special restaurant from the visual angle* Good to invite professional design is design. In addition to the appearance decoration to meet the aesthetic trend, the internal environment of the restaurant can not be bad, to meet the practicality, to create a comfortable dining environment for consumers.
Products should be innovated. This dish is the core of a food and beverage store, and the taste is certainly good. It meets the taste of the majority of consumers, but also pays attention to the stability of the taste. Some restaurants may have a good taste. The next time you go, you will find that the taste has changed. There are two situations. Not for food. It's not new. It's not a matter of craftsmanship. The instability of product taste will give customers a very unprofessional feeling, it will pull down the restaurant in the hearts of customers.
In addition to stability, it also updates products and introduces new products and tastes from time to time. On the one hand, it is necessary to continue to maintain competitive products. Rich products can attract new customers, and old customers can also enhance the heavy rate of purchase. On the other hand, there are many choices of products, and customers are relatively fresh. At the same time, it can also meet the tastes of a wider range of consumers and play a good drainage effect.
Fourth, take the initiative to promote and improve the store exposure. In the Internet information age, most consumers are active on the Internet. If they want to attract attention, they need to know how to use the advantages of the Internet to expose their stores with the help of new media platforms, which is also a way of drainage.
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