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Myth 1 is it easier to freeze steamed stuffed buns and steamed stuffed bun machine?
Quick frozen steamed stuffed buns: convenient and low cost, you can sell them by turning them over in the store.
However, the lack of good taste, low freshness of ingredients and lack of market competitiveness... These may not constitute the fatal weakness of quick-frozen steamed buns.
Baozi machine: convenient and reduce manpower. But the same disadvantage is the waste of raw materials, resulting in high costs and low profits
It is only suitable for schools, large supermarkets, steamed stuffed bun production bases and other places with large sales volume. Small and medium-sized steamed stuffed bun shops will only increase costs.
Myth 2: making breakfast is too tiring for ordinary people
Some people say that the happy people in this world are businessmen who keep a steamed stuffed bun shop and make money every day when the sun rises.
Why do you say so? Traditionally, many people not only have to bear the hardships of their bodies, but also accept a series of problems, such as not receiving the payment for goods, making money and turning it into hoarding goods.
Not only "hard" but also "heart bitter". But no industry is easy.
Three misunderstandings: new brands with great market potential
When many entrepreneurs choose baozi to join, they will prefer new brands because of the temporary novelty.
But without the test of the market and consumers, we should think twice when facing new brands.
At this time, we need to carefully analyze why few people know it in the market?
Is it because no one else found this treasure, or because the product is difficult to operate, franchisees simply can't make money?
An innovation that seems to be full of opportunities needs to think calmly and decide cautiously.
What I'm afraid of is that I think I have a blue ocean, but I don't know what I occupy is a desert.
Myth 4. Find a partner and everything will be fine
The catering industry is different from other industries. It needs not only money but also effort, but also division of labor. Will everyone be fully involved in this matter?
Bulls in different industries play their strengths, cross-border and full of creativity.
But there are also many potential problems - such as full-time or part-time entrepreneurship? For example, who needs to make decisions? Who will invest in the important and basic things of product research and development and operation management?
The answer is often that everyone is very busy. We invite a store manager and gather for a meeting every other time, but this does not solve the actual problem.
Catering businesses need full-time + full-time hard work, otherwise it will be useless for elites to gather together.
Mistake five: the fragrance of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley
Site selection plays a vital role in the success or failure of steamed stuffed bun stores. The era of "wine is not afraid of deep alleys" has long become a thing of the past.
Good product + good location can make us have a good result.
In addition to these, we should always remember to do publicity in the process of business. Whether online, offline or TV stations, more appearances can be remembered by diners.
The important thing for our early entrepreneurs is to survive in the brutal market competition. When survival is a problem, all feelings are nonsense. Feelings are the emotional content of private ownership, and entrepreneurship is to do a catering business that adapts to the market.
Myth 6 in my opinion, catering is very simple
No matter from which dimension, catering is not a simple and easy industry. For simple information, just look at the number of stores opened and closed in the four cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in a year.
In this industry, there is too much to learn, and it is changing faster and faster. I think catering is very simple. I join in catering to reduce dimension, and the market will give its answer.
It may seem simple, until you are in it, you will find that you have been subverted.
The above is a detailed introduction to the joining of Tianfang baozi. I hope it will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with a professional attitude https://www.jnsjtf.com